Entry: Sholinghur is still சோளிங்கபுரம் in Indian Railways Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When travelling to Sholingapuram and asking for a bus route to Sholingapuram people used to remark on what is that place name? It is because the place name has now shortened-morphed to Sholinghur. Just whilst surfing at something found that Indian Railways still has the good old name 'சோளிங்கபுரம்' in its Gazette records. Check out the image from Sholingapuram Railway Station. 


travel malang juanda murah
December 7, 2018   09:46 AM PST
nice information, thanks
July 25, 2015   05:13 PM PDT
Thanks for sharing your ideas! I would appreciate though if you’d elaborate more on the matter as I think it does lack something here and there... keep it up
deepa sats
August 24, 2012   07:24 PM PDT
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