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Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Blog Caption Styling Change

I just got a message from a few asking me if the blog caption styling has changed. Yes. It has changed. I have indicated this in my other blog over here (http://deepakvasudevan.blogspot.com/2010/10/blog-caption-one-and-top.html). This styling change was introduced to avoid duplicate captioning bug.

Posted at 06:02 am by Deepak Kumar Vasudevan

Sholinghur is still சோளிங்கபுரம் in Indian Railways

When travelling to Sholingapuram and asking for a bus route to Sholingapuram people used to remark on what is that place name? It is because the place name has now shortened-morphed to Sholinghur. Just whilst surfing at something found that Indian Railways still has the good old name 'சோளிங்கபுரம்' in its Gazette records. Check out the image from Sholingapuram Railway Station. 

Posted at 05:55 am by Deepak Kumar Vasudevan

Whoosh! When the blog is little dormant for a while, spammers get active …

Just for a while because of time and other reasons this blog was idle. And spammers and other nonsensical creatures seems to be acting hysterically both in comments and shoutbox. They have been controlled now. There is a good old saying that ‘Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss’ and this turns to be very much true at least with respect to the blogging platform.

Posted at 05:52 am by Deepak Kumar Vasudevan

Sunday, February 28, 2010
Interesting Place Names from Karaikal to Chennai

Interesting Place Names from Karaikal to Chennai

Yesterday whilst commuting from Karaikal to Chennai, I saw a few interesting place names which I would like to share out here:

  1. Echangadu: We have another Ichangadu on the Madipakkam-Kovilambakkam section.
  2. Karaikadu: There are so many places observed with 'Karai' prefix. A few of them are Karaikudi, Karaikal (the source of this trip) and now Karaikadu.
  3. Panangadu Colony: There is a tamil saying called 'Panangadu Nari'. It was amusing to find a place with the same name.

Posted at 11:20 am by Deepak Kumar Vasudevan

Sunday, February 14, 2010
Twin Places

Twin Places
A few of the places are better known along with his neighborhood place. It ranges from small pockets within a city or even cities itself. I just thought I would share a few such as I recall them:
  1. T.Nagar and West Mambalam [bifurcated by the Railway Track]
  2. Hyderabad and Secunderabad [Twin cities in Andhra Pradesh]
  3. Ullagaram and Puzhuthivakkam
  4. Velachery and Vijayanagar [VIjayanagar is actually a pocket within Velachery but because of the significance it has gained in terms of population it commands a separate status too]

Posted at 03:45 pm by Deepak Kumar Vasudevan

Similarities between Medavakkam and Madipakkam

Similarities between Medavakkam and Madipakkam
Today whilst commuting by bus and when the bus was near Medavakkam Kumaran theater, I just thought of a few similarities between Madipakkam and Medavakkam. I felt I woud rather share them over here as an initial brainstorming:
  1. A theater by name 'Sri Kumaran Theater' as a next bus stop from Madipakkam/Medavakkam whilst plying towards the city.
  2. A bus stop by name 'Oil Mills' as a third bus stop from Madipakkam/Medavakkam whilst plying towards the city. The full name of Oil Mills near Medavakkam/Pallikaranai is KP Oil Mills. I am not sure what is the full name of Oil Mills near Madippakkam/Ullagaram - Puzhuthivakkam.

Posted at 03:42 pm by Deepak Kumar Vasudevan

Saturday, February 06, 2010
The next time you spot an MTC Driver 'talking while driving' ...

The next time you spot an MTC Driver 'talking while driving' ...

MTC has published a list of channels to whom you can air your grievance and file report of incidents you witness on "talking while driving". Whilst the state administration had been instrumental for long to discourage this dangerous practice by involving in widespread propaganda through various media platforms, the latest trend they have adopted is to have its own transport corporation to strictly follow this practice of ban on cell phones by MTC drivers.

If you see a MTC crew talking while driving, you can call the following numbers and have the same reported to:

  1. (91)944-503-0516
  2. (91)938-333-7639

Posted at 02:44 pm by Deepak Kumar Vasudevan

Wednesday, February 03, 2010
Some valuable guidance slogans by Chennai City Traffic Police

Some valuable guidance slogans by Chennai City Traffic Police
Chennai City Traffic Police have  put a lot of valuable slogans at vantage points in the city to bring traffic rules awareness amongst the public. A few things about avoiding drunken driving and avoiding mobile phones whilst driving were really thought-provoking. I just thought I would compile a few and share it amongst the readers. Let us try to spread the word to others and help the Chennai City Traffic Police in their mission to accomplish safe roads.
  1. "Don't pickup mobile while driving. The caller might also be the 'Lord of Death'". [Translated into English]. "
    வாகனம் ஓட்டும்போது செல்போன் எடுக்காதே. கூப்பிடுவது எமனாகவும் இருக்கலாம்."
  2. "Bad luck might cross you if you don't cross at zebra crossing"
  3. "If you go to the bar don't enter the car"
  4. "Don't Mix -- Drink and Drive"
  5. "Missing a call will not kill you"
  6. "மெதுவாகச் செல்; மனைவி காத்திருப்பாள் வீட்டில்" [English Translation: Drive slowly. Your family is awaiting you]

Posted at 06:46 pm by Deepak Kumar Vasudevan

Monday, January 25, 2010
When did Blue become white

When did Blue become white
A week back whilst commuting from Tambaram to Guindy I had to witness an interesting passenger. No sooner did she board a bus than she tendered a three rupee for the next five kilometer bus stop. The bus was a deluxe bus and the minimum fare was INR 5.
But she was asking a simple question 'When did you paint the board blue that fast from white?' In Chennai, deluxe buses are painted with blue boards and normal ordinary buses have a white color boards to indicate their type.
Just thought I would share this interesting passenger quote with other readers.

Posted at 10:44 pm by Deepak Kumar Vasudevan

Squatting on Cyber and Physical Premises seems to be the fashion of the day...

Squatting on Cyber and Physical Premises seems to be the fashion of the day...
Be it Internet or a public transportation footboard or a open poromboke (waste land) or a lake area, one can find illegal people occupying the space with great vigor and interest without caring for the general interests of the public. The following are the responses of such squatters:
  1. Internet: You can see a number of domain parked sites with reputed industry names too stuck with them. Due to geographical distributions and multi-country legislations recovery seems to be little difficult from such cybersquatters.
  2. Public Transportation Footboard Travellers: Despite the fact that they endanger their own lives and limb by travelling on the footboard, they put a big danger to the work of the crew who need to visit the police station and court if something happens to them alongwith the unwanted delays for other passengers not to mention the burden they give to their own families.
  3. Waste Land Occuption: With much connivance of officials many of the lake areas typically in places like Ambattur are auctioned off and sold for many years. Only when the party-in-power changes, these come out to limelight but even then the political bureocratic red tape processes are loaded with so much inertia that offenders are let go scott-free.

Posted at 06:42 pm by Deepak Kumar Vasudevan

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