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Monday, December 27, 2010
The 8th Year Pilgrimage to Sabarimala (West Sabarimala)

The 8th Year Pilgrimage to Sabarimala (West Sabarimala)

As indicated in my other post regarding my start of Sabarimala vratham I had my pilgrimage to West Sabarimala temple (coinciding with the Mandala Pooja today) . To play safe I chose to have redundant wakeup calls scheduled through Wakerupper and my mobile. Besides this Punnam swami also called me around 4 AM to ensure things are running smooth. 

Weather forecasts had indicated snow storms throughout Sunday and Sunday night (both at my place and Lanham MD) besides blistery winds in my place on Monday and possible blistery windows with light snow in Lanham MD. However other than a light irritation of walking on the chill corridor at my apartment and at Rajdhani Mandir (for Irumudi) the pilgrimage was safe and sound. Interestingly, the Sun showed His bright shiny smiley face right around 06:30 AM which was quite unusual on a real chilly winter days. Winter winds were missing till around 2 PM both in Virginia and Maryland. Only when we were nearing our respective exits off 495 West we experienced winter storms. This was a miracle-blessing definitely from Lord Ayyappa.

The SSVT trust had also setup a few circles of the forest area to mimic the Periya Pathai. Of course the 4 minute walk can be deemed to be equal to the Sabarimala Periya Pathai walk because of the inclement weather conditions that is prevailing here. We did have a Pampa Ganapathy (near the back of the temple) which we had to worship whilst circumambulating through the temple, Pettai Thullal in the temple hall besides the Holy Pathinettam Padi.

After a good darshan of Neyyabhishekam, Bhasmabhishekam (Viboothi), Yoghurt we had a divine Annadhanam and then started back to our homes. We did have a Mansarovar effect when our car reached the temple. We had to alight on the snow-covered floors in the morning.

Posted at 05:56 pm by Deepak Kumar Vasudevan

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