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Thursday, March 19, 2009
The Weekly Thursday Triplicane Temple Trip

The Weekly Thursday Triplicane Temple Trip
Today evening around 5.30 PM, I just thought of visiting Triplicane Temple quickly. When I reached Guindy, interestingly I got a 54 Deluxe bus which could drop me near LIC. After having some quick bites in Vasantha Bhavan there, I caught another bus from there to alight at Triplicane bus stop. I reached Triplicane temple around 6.30 PM. There was some Dhavanothsavam going on for the Lordess. Since it was Thursday, there was not much crowd in the temple and I had a complete and peaceful darshan in all the sanctum sanctorums.
After completing all the shrines, I came out of the temple and when I reached Marina Beach Kannagi Status bus stop, a 21E to Ramapuram was just starting. The driver helped out by stopping for a while and I caught the bus which reached Guindy around 7.30 PM.
Perhaps this change can be considered as a gentle answer to the restoration of 'Thursday Triplicane Temple Trips' following a temporary change which I had written about it here. Again this week, it was a little economical journey since the entire trip costed me just around INR 20.

Posted at 11:00 pm by Deepak Kumar Vasudevan

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